Yahoo and google says of which Pixel a couple of random reboots may be repaired in Google android 8. just one DP2


Recently, we’ve been studying reports regarding Pixel 2s and Point 2 XLs randomly restarting. Having your telephone restart by itself multiple times the whole day is obviously very infuriating, and plenty of were disappointed when they noticed that this can be fixed ‘in the coming several weeks. ‘  Nevertheless , the issue could have already been remedied in Android os 8. just one Oreo’s Builder Preview a couple of, according to the Google staff.

Here’s the most recent response to the challenge on Google’s Issue System:

bd… @google. com   < bd… @google. com>   #38

We expect this issue is usually addressed within 8. just one which is nowadays in examine and area of the public beta program.

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Google claims that Position 2 hit-or-miss reboots might be fixed within Android seven. 1 DP2 was authored by the stunning team in Android Cops.