Snapdragon 845 benchmark phone hands-on: a look at your up coming smartphone (kind of)


The particular Snapdragon 845 was introduced today, after the hit conference within Hawaii ended this morning, Qualcomm unveiled typically the next-generation chip’s reference program to press.

Reference programs serve as equipment for Qualcomm and its buyers (the corporations that make phones), and they’re normally pretty primitive aesthetically. The main one Qualcomm provides whipped at the same time for its 845 platform can be kind of good, though, large bezels apart. I can’t actually tell you very much about deploying it – it should be running Android os and it’s filled up with diagnostic computer software and a few tightly-scripted demo software you won’t genuinely care about.

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Snapdragon 845 personal reference phone hands-on: a glance at your up coming smartphone (kind of) seemed to be written by the particular awesome staff at Google android Police.