It’s official: Fallout Shelter is coming to Android on August 13th


Fallout Shelter attack

Having launched on iOS back in June, Bethesda Game Studios has revealed the official date that Fallout Shelter will finally arrive on Android: Thursday, August 13th. What’s more, is Bethesda mentions the Android version will include all the new updates from iOS (of course) and marks the introduction of Mr. Handy as a new premium reward. This robot will help players collect both resources and loot, even defend the Vault from new outside invaders like Deathclaw and Molerat threats.

Thankfully, the Android version of Fallout Shelter has been on schedule the entire time. Bethesda mentioned that the Android version would take them 2 extra months to complete, but never committed to a specific date. Fallout Shelter should tide folks over until Fallout 4 launches later this year (November 10th) across multiple platforms. We. Can’t. Wait.

  • Mary Dedrick

    If someone is interested, there is Fallout Shelter emulator for Windows PC. Here’s the link:

    It’s so fun! :)