LG G4 reveal rumored to happen mid-April, but that doesn’t mean it’ll launch late



LG gave us no reason to believe they’d be bringing their next flagship to Mobile World Congress, and now another report seems to support that theory. Korea Times reports the LG G4’s revelation won’t happen until mid-April.

The company reportedly needs more time to get the device just right, a move that you should be happy with if you value a stringent QA process. The timing is interesting when you think about the reports suggesting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset has overheating issues.

Qualcomm is supposedly looking to introduce an improved version of the chipset so it’s possible LG could be waiting on this, though the LG’s recent knight in shining armor moment to defend the Snapdragon 810 inside the recently introduced LG G Flex 2 would then become odd in hindsight.

Having the LG G4 announced in April doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be late to the late Spring / early Summer launch party most companies like to attend. If you don’t recall, HTC delayed the announcement event for the HTC One M8 a full month after Mobile World Congress 2014, and the device launched on major carriers in the United States and Canada that very day.

All of that is to say that the lack of an LG G4 at Mobile World Congress shouldn’t worry anyone. It’s coming — it’s coming soon, actually — and it should be quite the device once LG finally takes the wrappers off.