Quick look: official Nexus 6P case with stylish microfiber exterior [VIDEO]


The Nexus 6P is one beautiful Android device so it only makes sense that if you’re going to protect it, you might as well cover it up with something equally as stylish. That’s where Google’s own official Nexus 6P case comes in. Made primarily of TPU, the case offers just enough protection while showing off its unique microfiber exterior.

We should note that TPU only offers a moderate amount of protection, a step above slim hard shell cases, but nothing close to the level of protection you’ll get from one of those thick, rugged Otterbox cases. Should you find yourself working around heavy equipment, you should probably go that route. For everyone else, this official Nexus 6P case should do the job just fine.

With so many cases available on the market, you don’t often find one that looks this good. If you’re convinced this case is the one for you, you’ll find the official Nexus 6P case on the Google Store right now for $ 35.

Official Nexus 6 case Google Store DSC00186 Official Nexus 6 case Google Store DSC00187 Official Nexus 6 case Google Store DSC00189

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