Twitter can now autoplay GIFs and videos in your timeline



Auto-playing videos started as an annoying thing on Facebook, but it has spread to even more social media sites. The latest to adopt the feature is Twitter. In an attempt to cut down on the number of taps it takes play a video or GIF, Twitter has made it possible for these clips to automatically play as you’re scrolling past. It only works with native Twitter videos, Vines, and GIFs.

The videos don’t play audio when you’re scrolling past. Similarly to Instagram, you can tap on a video to enable the audio. To watch a video in full screen you can simply rotate your phone into landscape mode. But perhaps the best feature is the ability to disable auto-play completely. If you’re annoyed by the auto-playing you can go into the settings and disable the feature, or have auto-play enabled while connected to WiFi.

Big kudos to Twitter for allowing users to decide how this feature works. Twitter for Android will be getting this feature soon.

[via Twitter]