Acer’s new enterprise-focused Chromebook 14 can survive a drop — and a spill


Acer’s latest Chromebook can withstand a lot more than a regular laptop, but the price is still the thing here.

It was less than a month ago that Acer unveiled its latest Chromebook, a machine that, for $ 299, packs a considerable amount of technology into its metal frame.

Now, Acer is back with an enterprise-grade variant of that same machine, dubbed Chromebook 14 for Work. Not only is it the company’s first laptop to be certified for Google’s Chrome for Work program, which allows deployments of the Chrome browser with IT-approved device management and security protocols, but it can withstand a considerable beating.

Indeed, Chromebook 14 for Work sports a spill-resistant keyboard and MIL-STND 810G Military Standard, which encompasses protection against water, wind, dust, vibration and many other forces that would bury an ordinary laptop. This Chromebook, in addition to featuring an Intel Core processor and 4GB of RAM, is also the first laptop with Corning’s new Vibrant Gorilla Glass around the case.

It’s unclear how much demand there is for such a robust Chromebook, but as more businesses replace aging Windows laptops with cheaper and often equally-capable Chromebooks (depending on the particular workload), Acer is in a good position to tap into that market.