Cyanogen folder locking – how it works and why it is awesome


Perfect for privacy fans or parents who let their kids play with their phones.

Unless you have a native guest mode, every time you hand your phone over to someone else you’re handing over your entire digital existence. Your photo gallery, browser history, chats, and anything not secured by a pin in the app are a tap or two away. Whether you’ve handed your phone off to a child to watch a video in the middle of the grocery store, a friend who needs to call a cab after their phone died, or your phone has gotten up and walked away with the help of some less-than-honest individual, protecting your data is important.

Lockscreens aren’t bulletproof, Smart Lock even less so, which means it is worth exploring a second layer for those apps you don’t want anyone but you to access. If you’re using a Cyanogen OS device or something running CyanogenMod, folder locking is a perfect example of a second security layer. It’s also baked right in to the OS, waiting for you to turn it on and enjoy it. Here’s how it works.