Dino Frontier overview on Ps VR


Build a community, attract settlers, and cultivate dinosaurs.

As i stumble on the location in which I’ll assemble my area, there isn’t a lot of anything in this article. A single settler, and a lifeless dinosaur, between woods plus bushes that will bear fruit. To be able to call it inhospitable would be a tiny bit of an tiefstapelei I think. Nonetheless aside from the not enough… well… anything at all, it’s a great place to start. My partner and i send typically the settler to get started chopping lower trees for your wood we are going to need for properties, and I picking the ice age for the meats it can give us. Soon there is also a food lager, and wood yard.

I will be the Gran here, and even soon this is my village. This is Dino Frontier.

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