iFixit says that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is even tougher to repair than its predecessor


Although this is not the first time that the Samsung Galaxy S7 gets the teardown treatment, the hardware experts from iFixit have recently released their own teardown analysis. Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not the type of smartphone that you’d want to repair on your own.

iFixit gave the Samsung Galaxy S7 a repairability score of 3 out of 10 points. That’s a whole point lower than the repairability score that iFixit noted the Galaxy S6 with, and obviously a terrible score overall.

As the teardown experts note, the battery of the smartphone can be removed without taking …

  • Danny

    If it is tougher to repair, I think the best thing to do here is never drop it no matter what. Never put yourself in a situation wherein you will need a Samsung Galaxy S7 repair in the first place.

    • ribbitz

      Agree. For such an expensive device, it’s silly to rely on self-repair to handle contingencies. Even for semi-repairable phones, it can always break in a way that can’t be repaired. The day you get it, you put a screen protector on it and put it in a case. Buy the insurance. It’s just part of the cost of using the top of the line. A coworker harassed me for two weeks to “repair” his daughter’s brand-new iPhone 6S that she dropped in the toilet. No insurance? I asked. Waste of money, he says. His daughter was out a phone for a month while they dithered around exhausting possibilities, and eventually they were out $550 to exchange for a refurb. They could have walked into the store and had it replaced the same day for a much smaller deductible and got on with their lives. Another thing with insurance, you don’t spend all your time with the phone afraid of an accident or a theft. It makes your costs predictable.