Indeed, Samsung’s Universe S7 advantage won a great award with MWC 2017 one year following launch


Field event honors don’t usually translate very well to the customer news pattern.

Reading it of Samsung’s latest pr release, “Samsung Universe S7 border Named Ideal Smartphone in MWC 2017, ” you might have done a double acquire — did not Samsung discharge this telephone coinciding by using last year’s MWC? Of course, but however mean Korean is doing something shady right here.

The Universe S7 border did certainly win with the MWC International Mobile Honors 2017 — the same display it tempted the Universe S8 when confirming it is launch time frame. But you ought to remember that it is really an industry function that’s essentially rewarding businesses for their items released in 2016 . Certainly, the Universe S7 advantage won typically the “best smart phone of 2016″ category this coming year.

Junho Playground, Vice President of worldwide Product Tactic, Mobile Speaking Business from Samsung Technology, had a affirmation on the honor you’d anticipate any company to earn:

“We are privileged to be named for our design in style and originality with the Universe S7 border. This prize is a display of our consistent pursuit of brilliance as we still exceed customers’ expectations by revolutionary cell phone technology. inch

Typically the short list for any award contained the Iphone 7 In addition, Google Point XL, Huawei P9 together with Moto Z ., and you needed bet when any of the ones companies gained they would are more than very happy to put out a new press release stating so. This wouldn’t become quite for the reason that egregious to the Moto Unces or Point XL for being considered for the award only a couple of months following launch, but it really does look a bit more unusual when a mobile phone that is exactly a year older wins the award while newer phone have been introduced.

But gowns how these items work. This time around next year there are a darn excellent chance most of us be speaking about the Universe S8 producing an look on the list in MWC 2018 as well.

Samsung Universe S7 together with S7 advantage

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