Is resale value a concern with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge?


A sealed battery and no expandable storage is often considered by some to be a huge deal, and that applies to initial purchase and secondhand sales.

The secondhand smartphone market is perfect for Android junkies who need to get their hands on everything, but that’s pretty far from its primary purpose. Secondhand smartphone sales sites let people sell their existing device to pay for the next one, for sure, but these services let people pick up decent phones, often significantly cheaper than the suggested retail price. A recent post in our forums raised an interesting question about the ability to sell Samsung’s latest flagships, specifically whether or not the lack of a microSD card slot or removable battery will negatively impact the ability to sell the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge. While it’s true that secondhand consumers are often not looking for the same things as the people who pick up a phone on the day it is released in stores, a quick look at how secondhand markets treat existing phones offers the answer we’re looking for.