LG G5 will reportedly show off two magic slot modules at MWC



Earlier today we leaked an image of the LG G5 with a unique module attached to it that basically added a strange hump to the device. While we were certain the image was legit, we weren’t as sure what exactly the accessory was, though we postulated that it might in fact be some kind of camera attachment. According to a new Venture Beat report written by Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), it seems we were correct in our belief.

Apparently the image above is of a special accessory called the LG Cam Plus, a camera grip that not only adds common camera hardware buttons like zoom, shutter release, and a flash toggle, it also doubles as a 1,100 mAh supplemental battery pack. This one of two modules LG plans to show off at MWC during the LG G5 launch event.

As for the other module? Reportedly LG teamed up with Bang and Olufsen to develop a DAC, dubbed the LG Hi-Fi Plus, which improves the native sound experience and supposedly can even allow other devices to be connected to it for enhancing their audio, though obviously we don’t know all the details just yet.

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The two magic slot modules are said to be part of a program called “G5 and Friends”, with both modules being controlled by a special app called the LG Friends Manager. While LG will only have the two modules to show off at launch, Evan Blass indicates we can expect several other accessories such as a 360 Cam and a head-mounted wearable called the LG 360 VR. The VR is said to offer nine-axis sensors and an 83-degree lens with its own LCD display. Lastly, LG reportedly has a special smartphone controlled drone called the Rolling Bot, complete with its own speaker and camera. This drone isn’t a flying one, however, but rolls around the house and can even turn smart appliances on and off.

Now let’s be perfectly clear, all these claims come from Venture Beat, and so we can’t personally confirm the validity of the report. That said, the idea of the LG Cam Plus isn’t too surprising, based on the one image we have. As for the rest of the alleged accessories, it’s really hard to say for sure.

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