Skreens puts all your entertainment in a single display



People are more connected than ever. Entertainment is anywhere we go – we have game consoles, cable, mobile devices, computers and more, but so far you can pretty much only enjoy one or two at a time. Picture-in-picture is available, but it is quite limited and Skreens wants to take things a step further and bring you the most advanced multi-screen technology you can find.

Skreens is a device that allows users to stream all their content to a single display. For example, you can hook it all up to your living room TV and simultaneously enjoy your PC, Apple TV, cable TV, satellite TV, Chromecast, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and anything that works with HDMI. In essence, it’s picture-in-picture-in-picture-in picture… you get the point!

Users could easily play a video game while keeping track on their favorite sporting events, for example. Or you could even keep an eye on social networks while watching important events on TV. Furthermore, it’s also possible to resize, overlay, crop, adjust transparency and more. It’s all very simple and can be operated straight from the official app, which will be available for both Android and iOS.

But what about audio? Users will also get full control over sound. One can select a specific HDMI input for audio, which will then be transmitted to your sound system via S/PDIF. All other sound inputs will be streamed via WiFi to other devices. For example, it is possible to stream audio channels to another smartphone or tablet, so that individuals may listen to what they really want through their headphones.


There are two versions of the Skreens device: the NexusTwo and NexusFour. Both can be had in a ‘Pro’ variation, which includes a “universal remote in the Skreens Controller App for iOS or Android, streaming audio over Wifi/BT, Developer API, plug-in to OBS, and all of the streamer must-haves like video scaling, priority, cropping, chroma-key, transparency.”

The main difference between the NexusTwo and NexusFour is the amount of HDMI inputs these have, which is relative to their names.

Want in on this fun product? Just be quick because early birds specials are running out. Pricing goes as follows:


This would be a great set-up for hard-core gamers, multi-taskers or big families. Really, it could be convenient for many of us. It’s like having a large screen on a computer, allowing you to have as many windows open as possible. The only difference is that the amount of screens doesn’t affect performance, as Skreens claims there is no lag here. Add in the tablet controls and you truly have a inner. Are any of you signing up?

Visit the Skreens Kickstarter page!