T-Mobile will soon adopt Google’s RCS Universal Profile


  • T-Mobile announced support for Google and the GSMA’ s RCS Universal Profile.
  • Support will arrive as software updates during the 2nd quarter.
  • Sprint is the only other US carrier that supports the RCS Universal Profile.

Looking to replace the aging Short Message Service (SMS) standard, the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard is increasing. Verizon, AT& T, Sprint, and T-Mobile support the typical, but the Un-Carrier looks to one-up the former two by announcing its support of Google and the GSMA’ s Universal Profile.

According to T-Mobile, the support will roll out to customers as software updates sometime through the second quarter of 2018.

As an instant refresher, RCS lets you share your location, in addition to attach high-resolution images, video, and audio. You can also archive group chats, remove folks from group conversations, make video calls, and enable things such as read receipts and typing indicators.

It is possible to go here for more information about what makes RCS essential, but because of the 49 carriers all over the world that support the standard, RCS is also increasing.

The problem is that not every carrier adopted exactly the same RCS standard. T-Mobile began to support RCS in 2015, with over 30 million of its customers having sent over 250 million RCS messages each day. Those numbers may be great and all, however the Un-Carrier jumped on the RCS bandwagon one year before Google and the GSMA released the RCS Universal Profile.

Aside from spam protection and privacy control, the Universal Profile allows for RCS to work seamlessly across carriers. You may be a T-Mobile customer having an RCS-capable smartphone, but you can only just take advantage of the standard with the others on the same network.

Editor’s Pick

Verizon and AT& T usually do not yet support the Universal Profile, which prevents RCS from being truly widespread across the US. Also, there could still be compatibility issues, since not every smartphone is RCS-capable.

Finally, Sprint beat T-Mobile to the punch by almost 2 yrs, so the Un-Carrier is playing catch-up with the US’ fourth-largest carrier.

Even so, T-Mobile’ s announcement means we have been one step closer to RCS becoming certainly universal. We still have a methods to go until that becomes reality, but as a person who uses Android Messages, you can’ t blame to be excited.