Verizon finally produces Nougat for that Galaxy S7


Verizon’s renovation means the best Four have the ability to brought their own Galaxy S7 into Nougat country.

Typically the Nougat modernize for your Verizon Galaxy S7 and Universe S7 border is available with respect to downloading. In case you haven’t acquired a notice about the availability however, you can physically check with the device adjustments and you should do well to go. For just a refresher about what to expect along with Nougat within the S7, we have a useful video!

Verizon gives a feel that in order to update (the new program version is usually NRD90M. G930VVRU4BQA2) you’ll need to have got a charged electric battery and you should both be connected in order to Wi-Fi and have absolutely a “strong connection to typically the Verizon community. ” For more information hit the particular Verizon redesign page and still have a look.

Now most of us wait to discover when the revealed model will get a simply turn.

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