ZTE plans on publishing more collapsible phones just like the Axon Meters


Axon M is a series of collapsible phones – not just devices with a couple of screens.

For the end regarding 2017, ZTE made a bg surpise announcement along with the Axon Meters. The Axon M may be the latest cell phone to deal with the dual-screen smartphone, and it’s really the first major attempt coming from seen because the Kyocera Indicate back in last year. The Axon M is simply not a perfect smartphone, but not like a lot of the opposition, it took a new risk to attempt something different.

In an job interview with Engadget , ZTE’s Vice President of promoting, Jeff Yee, confirmed the Axon Mirielle will not be the final of its kind. Yee says of which ZTE can release successors to the Mirielle, and over the interview, Yee reiterates that your Axon Mirielle is a collapsible phone, not merely one with a couple of screens.

Even though the current iteration of the Axon M very obviously has two separate screens, Yee says that ZTE’s end goal would be to release a phone with a unitary display that may fold in and out depending on just how much screen real-estate you want to use.

It’s unlikely that another version of the Axon M will utilize this tech, but however, it’s clear that this is definitely the direction the particular mobile community is very rapidly heading. Samsung korea is apparently planning to get started production from the foldable smart phone by the end involving 2018, together with ZTE most likely won’t be the very last company to adhere to in its actions.

Aside from the one foldable display, what in addition would you like to check out from near future Axon Michael releases?

The samsung company said to start off producing collapsible smartphone throughout November