Among the best phones you can buy is under $500 so why are we spending dual?

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Everyone includes a different reason for buying the phone these people chose. I use a Pixel cell phone because I don’t like giving out the information to everyone and worth security updates over everything. (And because BlackBerry Mobile seemed to quit caring.) But if you are a person who simply wants the very best equipment money can buy, you’re probably doing it incorrect.

Raise your hand if you’ve actually used a phone from a firm like Xioami. Now, I can’t really see any hands being elevated because I haven’t hacked in to all of your webcams, but I have a great idea based on sales numbers, the web site metrics, and Google developments that very few of you are increasing them.

Some amazing phones are usually released in Asia and never strike the particular U.S. Thankfully, the Red Magic 3S is an exemption.

Now keep your hands raised if you loved that cell phone from Xiaomi and maybe are still utilizing it. Most of those hands will still be elevated, because Xiaomi makes phones along with incredible hardware and doesn’t cost $1,000 for them. I continued the hunt for one because I needed a cheap phone with a huge display to watch Netflix on during my sleep deprived nights (I’m a chronic insomniac) so I hit up our World cell phone editor Harish Jonnalagadda. If there is whatever you ever need to know about those ridiculously good phones from Asia, you need to do the same.

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So I’ve been using the Nubia Red Magic 3S for a couple of nights, and I have to say this particular out loud — why in the terrible isn’t this thing sold out all over the place? It’s by far the fastest cell phone with the best hardware I’ve actually touched. It’s even water cooled. WTF? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I understand the answer — marketing. You understood the answer, too, even if you didn’t understand you did. Have you ever heard of the Nubia Red Magic 3S? Probably not. Yet you’ve heard of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ due to the fact Samsung and its carrier partners be sure you hear about it. It’s one of the best mobile phones you can buy, so why not make sure you know about this, right?

Yes, the particular camera is meh at best.

There’s another reason that will matter to plenty of people which is the camera. A good portion of smart phone users want the very best camera the phone has to offer, and the Red Miracle 3S does not even come close up. But for a lot of other people, the Snapdragon 855+ “gaming” CPU, watercooling, 5,000 mAh battery and 6.7-inch 90Hz AMOLED display matter as much. For everyone else who isn’t in to numbers or cameras — it offers a $479 price tag. And an effective fingerprint sensor on the back from the phone where it belongs.

Nubia Red Magic 3S reviewSource: Apoorva Bhardwaj/Android Central

On the software side, things are both quite and ugly. It has an user interface that will instantly remind you of the Pixel or Motorola phone along with very few changes from “pure” Android. It’s also still running on Android 9.0 Pie. I just keep location turned off since I’m not going to use this beast for navigation, so I can handle it. You might feel differently.

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But this software literally flies. With the cooling system keeping the processor cores up and running full-tilt when they need to be, the giant battery letting that happen more often, and the 90Hz display, the interface is faster than your finger is. If you’ve every tried a OnePlus phone, you know how it feels faster than a similarly specced out phone from Samsung or Google. This is faster. A lot faster.

This phone is faster than you are.

I think we all understand why phones just like the Pixel 3a exist — you don’t need the very best hardware to do most of the things we do with a phone. All you need is an excellent overall package and a marketplace. It turns out that the same can be said for folks who do need the crazy level of hardware you can find in the newest flagship superphones, too.

If you have a hankering for the best hardware and $479 to spend on it, do your self a favor and give it a go. I think you’ll really like what you see and might never spend $1,000 on a phone again.

Get in the game

Nubia Red Magic 3S

The best value-focused gaming phone in the U.S.

Featuring a 90Hz display and Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855+ chipset, the Red Magic 3S is really a gaming powerhouse. The 5000mAh battery allows you to play all day, and the consumer interface is akin to pure Android and is free from bloatware. Combine all of that with the fact that it’s just $479 and you’re getting incredible value.

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