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A digital private network, or VPN, can be used for a lot of reasons, with some of those getting kind of sketchy. Two legitimate great use a VPN are to hide your web identity and to connect to your TELEVISION streaming accounts as you travel, especially overseas. While a free VPN program is tempting, a paid program is more reliable, more secure, and is more unlikely to keep logs of your activity. ExpressVPN is one of the fastest and most secure VPN services out there with servers within nearly 100 countries. It’s suitable for most devices, including routers, video game consoles, and smart TVs.

Best General: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN server locationsSource: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is among the most popular services out there, with a large number of servers positioned in 160 locations plus 94 countries. Because of the number of areas, servers, and thousands of unique IP addresses, ExpressVPN is also the best to get using with TV streaming providers. This VPN is easy to set up, in case you need help, ExpressVPN has 24-hour live support. Hosted in the Uk Virgin Islands, this VPN program is very secure, using AES 265-bit encryption and never keeping tabs as to what you’re doing online.

This service has a VPN solution for nearly every possible device or browser; functions with PCs, Macs, plus Linux computers. There is both an Android and iOS option for mobile, and internet browser extensions for Firefox and Stainless if you’d prefer to go that route. ExpressVPN also has a router VPN choice that hides every device linked to your internet through your router. Plus, ExpressVPN doesn’t cap how many devices could be connected at once, or your month-to-month bandwidth, so everyone and every gadget in your home can be cloaked at the same time and everything the time. This VPN service has got the fastest download speeds at close to 100Mbps. This means all your devices could be protected at once without experiencing streaming or low picture quality.

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN isn’t the cheapest option, charging about $13 per month, though you will get that slashed in half with a 15-year contract and if you’re willing to purchase all those months upfront. You also obtain a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case you determine ExpressVPN isn’t the right choice for you.


  • Servers in 94 countries
  • No logging
  • 100 Mbps download speed
  • Great customer support
  • Works with nearly every device and browser


  • Not cheap

Best Overall


Well concealed, well secured

Connect rapidly to one of over 2,000 servers spread out in 160 areas in 94 countries with military-grade encryption.

Best Value: Private Web Access

connection preferencesSource: Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access hides your web identity by assigning you one more IP address when you connect plus encrypt all your data, using AES 265-bit encryption, before it is delivered. You can connect 10 devices towards the VPN through a single account, plus Private Internet Access is compatible with Home windows, Mac, and Linux computers; Google android and iOS mobile devices; and has internet browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, plus Opera.

Your bandwidth isn’t very limited, meaning you won’t use up any kind of predetermined time each month and your link won’t ever slow down or stop due to how much you use this VPN program. The interface is easy to use — simply click a button and the system instantly sets up as it’s installing. You don’t have to do much to start getting protected.

Private Internet Access offers over 3,300 servers within 29 countries, but its main web host city is in the U.S i9000. This isn’t as many as my top VPN pick, but it’s still sufficient to keep your online identity shielded plus guarantee a secured connection within the location you desire. However, because it can based in the U.S., Personal Internet Access does keep some consumer information handy despite its simply no traffic log policy.


  • Military-grade encryption
  • Multiple device connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Connect 10 devices
  • Easy setup


  • Fewer locations than other services
  • Based in the U.S.

Best Value

Private Internet Access

No halting or slowing

This VPN has unlimited bandwidth so you will not experience a slowdown, buffering, or even stop service because you’ve achieved a monthly limit.

Best Streaming VPN: PureVPN

VPN for streamingSource: PureVPN

PureVPN is a top choice should you be looking for a VPN for TV loading. This service is compatible with loading apps and devices like Google android TV, Roku, and Kodi. Additionally, it has VPN options for game gaming systems like Xbox and PlayStation that will protect your identity while actively playing, but also help you connect to streaming program through these devices. You can also use PureVPN through a web browser to hide your identification and watch programs online. There is also a router VPN option. This lets you use PureVPN on multiple devices so long as these are connected to your internet service through your router. You are limited to only five gadgets.

There are over 300,000 IP addresses available via PureVPN, and you can connect to one of its one,000 web servers. This isn’t as many servers as other VPN companies, however it has several locations in the Oughout.S. for streaming purposes. Down load speeds are good with an average of approximately 65 Mbps. This isn’t as fast as a number of other services I tested and evaluated, but this speed is good sufficient to support high-definition television streaming plus multiple devices in use at a time.

PureVPN has an automatic kill change that quickly disconnects you from the web if the VPN shield drops. You are able to reconnect on your own or wait for PureVPN to reestablish your secured link once the VPN is working once again. This doesn’t happen often, but it is a great security feature to have to help keep your web activity and identity hidden.


  • Compatible along with streaming apps
  • Works with streaming devices
  • Compatible with video game consoles
  • Router VPN option


  • Cap on number of devices
  • Fewer web servers and locations

Best Streaming VPN


Stream with any kind of app or device

PureVPN lets you connect to tv streaming gadgets and apps while traveling so you can continue to date with your favorite shows plus sports teams.

Best Router VPN: HideMyAss (HMA)

screenshotsSource: HideMyAss

HideMyAss VPN (HMA) is the best alternative if you want to extend your VPN defenses to gaming consoles and other wise home devices (and it has the very best name). This will be done through the HMA router VPN package. This product is installed at the router level plus automatically covers every device linked to your internet. HMA is compatible with some of the very popular routers, or you can purchase a HideMyAss exclusive router. The number of devices which can be actively using the VPN at once is dependent upon the router and VPN deal you purchase. You do have to buy the HMA VPN in addition to the VPN-friendly router.

If you use this VPN with no router, your device is still designated another IP address while you’re on the internet so it’s more difficult to track your online action. Your location, too, is hidden, therefore it is more difficult to track where you are based on your own web movements.

HMA will collect some information on all people and discloses both what info is retained and how it is utilized on its website. HideMyAss VPN will promise to never keep tabs on the websites or even services you tap into while on the internet or keep a record of your complete, true IP address. Another mistake is while HMA shows you exactly what your monthly subscription charge will be, it doesn’t allow you to pay each month like the majority of other VPN services do. Rather, you’re required to pay for a minimum of a complete year upfront. You do get a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • VPN router
  • Unique IP addresses assigned
  • Compatible along with multiple devices
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Records maintained customers
  • The router determines variety of devices
  • No month-to-month payment option

Best Router VPN

HideMyAss (HMA)

Route protection to smart devices

HMA provides VPN defense against your internet router so all your wise devices, gaming consoles, phones, plus computers are always shielded.

Best Mobile VPN: Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield screenshotSource: Hotspot Shield

For protecting your self while on your cellphone, try the particular Hotspot Shield VPN app. This system is specifically designed for when you normally are not connected to your own home or business web, but rather a public hotspot. Killer spot Shield works like all other VPNs by assigning a private IP deal with for your device that isn’t easily tracked back to you, and simply by hiding your location by filtering your sent and obtained information through one of its 3,200 servers in 80 countries.

Hotspot Shield works fast along with impressive average download speeds associated with 80 Mbps. It doesn’t interfere with video gaming, social media, videos, or other fast-paced activities. Plus, it works with Home windows and Mac computers, along with Google android and iOS mobile devices. One benefit that Hotspot Shield has will be its ability to automatically enable the particular VPN as you start your gadget. This takes away the need to always remember for connecting to the VPN when you open an internet browser.

There aren’t plenty of negatives about Hotspot Shield. Several users report that they have trouble linking with customer service reps when assist is needed, and then don’t have issues solved quickly when they can get a your hands on someone. The biggest drawback though could it be doesn’t work with TV streaming applications. Instead, you will have to watch through an internet browser once the VPN is connected.


  • Secure public Wi-Fi
  • Automatic connection
  • Mobile friendly
  • Works with a lot of devices


  • Poor customer assistance
  • No direct sa apps

Best Mobile VPN

Hotspot Shield

On the go security

Public Wi-Fi is more acquiring using this VPN because it hides your own device’s IP address and area making it harder for hackers to cutting-edge.

Best Secured VPN: NordVPN

VPN for AndroidTVSource: NordVPN

NordVPN has a unique double VPN feature that encrypts your data twice before sending this out, and since it uses exactly the same encryption process as the U.S i9000. military, you can trust it’s very safe. This is done by passing your details through two of NordVPN’s web servers. Based in Panama, NordVPN has more than 5,600 servers in 54 countries and lets you decide to use a fervent IP address each time you log in or even be randomly assigned a new 1. Using a random IP makes it more difficult for ad trackers and other snoops to determine who and where you are, while a fervent IP address is helpful for with a couple streaming services. You can connect several devices to your VPN account and also have them all logged in and protected at the same time.

Using NordVPN’s dual VPN encryption may cause some slow down since the information is sent via two servers. However, it should not affect you enough to really interrupt your online use, especially since NordVPN has an average download speed associated with 70Mbps. NordVPN does have an automatic eliminate switch so if for some reason your insurance coverage is dropped, you won’t be able to entry the web until service resumes, or perhaps you tell NordVPN that you’re comfortable being able to access the web without being cloaked.


  • Dual encryption process
  • Let’s you choose how to handle IP address
  • Automatic kill switch
  • Based in Panama


  • Causes slowdown

Best Secured VPN


Encrypt after that encrypt again

NordVPN encrypts your outgoing data then encrypts it again to ensure it is additional secure. It also provides a new IP address each time you log in.

Fast Connection: Surfshark

Android tablet vpnSource: Surfshark

Surfshark is one of the fastest VPN services around with download speeds almost regularly between 68 and 70Mbps. In addition, as you enable this service, Surfshark automatically looks for an available machine with the fastest speeds and links you to it. Another great perk will be Surfshark lets you connect an unlimited variety of devices without requiring you to initial disconnect another device, buying a lot more device connection privileges, or diminishing your connection speeds.

This VPN service doesn’t work with loading apps, but using its Smart DNS feature, you can watch TV through gadgets like Fire TV and Apple company TV or connect through your wise TV. Surfshark also works with video gaming consoles and has a router VPN option. Using a VPN in this way enables you to tap into streaming libraries more easily, also those that look for VPN programs, such as Hulu and Netflix.

There are a few concerns with Surfshark. The biggest is that its privacy policy isn’t very worded strong or clear sufficient to understand exactly what information this VPN collects on its users and how these details is used. Surfshark still maintains a no-log stance and promises it doesn’t maintain user histories on any of the customers. I just wished it was produced clearer in its official policy.


  • Fast download speeds
  • Compatible with wise TVs and gaming consoles
  • Unlimited device connections


  • Vague privacy policy
  • Doesn’t work with streaming apps

Fast Connection


Unlimited connections with lightning speed

Surfshark offers impressive download speeds and immediately connects to the fastest available machine. Also, connect unlimited devices at the same time.

Satisfaction Guarantee: CyberGhost

screen shotSource: CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a secure VPN service that works with Android gadgets and Windows computers. You can use this particular service to hide both your DNS and IP information while links, and since it’s located outside the U.S., its no-log plan is one you can trust to keep your details out of reach. As you connect, CyberGhost encrypts both outgoing and incoming details using AES 256-bit encryption, the best available. The best part of this service will be CyberGhost gives you a 45-day money-back guarantee to ensure it is a good suit for you. This is the longest guarantee provided by the top VPN services I looked over.

You can use CyberGhost for connecting to streaming services, though the apps are limited in this area. It can have VPN specific programs to get Android TV and Amazon’s Open fire Stick. Most other services, like Netflix and YouTube, you’ll need to access by way of a mobile app or browser right after your VPN is deployed on the device.

CyberGhost has a few,000 servers located throughout the world, however, you may experience some noticeable slow down on your device. In fact, of all the well-known VPN services I’ve tested, CyberGhost is the slowest. It takes a long time with this VPN to get started, and I noticed down load speeds weren’t consistent once I used to be connected. They fluctuated enough to take note of it. Other users have stated that CyberGhost isn’t a good choice when utilizing a VPN in China. Cable connections typically don’t go through and when they actually it’s difficult to connect to the content required.


  • Longest money-back guarantee
  • Highest offered encryption
  • DNS and IP protection
  • 3,000 servers worldwide


  • Slow link speeds
  • Fluctuating download speeds
  • Doesn’t work from China
  • Not suitable for all streaming apps

Satisfaction Guarantee


Love it or even hate it?

CyberGhost gives you 45 days to decide if you want its VPN. It has over a few,000 servers worldwide and defends both DNS and IP details.

VPN with Antivirus: Avast Premium Security

premium security with vpnSource: Avast

Avast Premium Security is one of the top malware software out there, and it comes with a VPN that’s easy to use and will shield your web activity as part of a whole computer defense package. This VPN stops ad ware from creating targeted ads plus internet trackers from flowing what you are online. Your IP address plus location are hidden, just like stand alone VPN services, but you get the additional benefit of knowing Avast will stop spyware and adware files before they have a chance to begin downloading. Avast Premium Security also offers a password manager to hide plus store your login credentials functions alongside the VPN.

If you need a VPN service for loading TV, this isn’t the solution for you. This really is mainly because it doesn’t have a lot of web servers — about 60. With many people accessing a server at the same time, it’s easy for streaming services to get on the IP address, trace it in return to a VPN service, and obstruct it. Without a lot of unique IP addresses to cycle through, it can tough to find one that hasn’t been clogged.

This program takes up associated with your computer resources because from the size of the program, and you will notice some slow down. Also, while the price of using this VPN costs under $8 per month — cheaper than most VPN providers — you do need to purchase a complete year license, which may make the $90 price tag a bit much to hand more than. However, the amount of protection you get along with Avast Premium Security far surpasses what you get with a standalone VPN program.


  • Shields digital identity
  • Includes antivirus
  • Password protection
  • Easy in order to setup


  • Expensive
  • Slows devices
  • Doesn’t enable TV streaming

VPN with Antivirus

Avast Premium Security

Snoops and spyware and adware snubbed

Avast’s VPN protects your online identity while also obstructing malware from downloading and infecting your computer. It also secures passwords.

Here’s why ExpressVPN is our top pick

ExpressVPN is what is known as a full-featured VPN. This means it provides several settings and services that will go above and beyond simply shielding your online identification. ExpressVPN gives you access to streaming providers, videos, websites, and games which are regionally blocked by assigning a person an IP address from that will region. It also has extra defenses for when you are banking or internet shopping to ensure your personal, as well as your digital, identification to safely guarded. With L2TP protection even cryptocurrency transactions are usually secure. ExpressVPN uses military-grade defense, or AES 265-bit encryption, to obtain your online data. It has an automatic eliminate switch that detects if the VPN shield is ever dropped plus immediately stops online access obstructs your real IP address plus location from being seen unless you reconnect with the VPN.

There are two reasons why ExpressVPN is better than out the competition to be our best pick. First, it has servers much more locations than any other VPN program we reviewed: 94. With this a lot of locations, and with the ability to choose exactly where you’d like your IP address in order to originate, you don’t have to worry about your online action being traced back to you. This also can make ExpressVPN the best choice for streaming TELEVISION services. There are enough unique IP addresses that it’s highly unlikely you will end up blocked by a viewing service, although that use VPN tracking.

The second reason is ExpressVPN is among the few services that offers router defense. This means you can have your VPN defenses deployed from your internet router instead of just on the protected device. Router VPNs let you protect smart gadgets, like Alexa Echo and Search engines Home, and gaming consoles that will otherwise might not be as secure. In addition, because ExpressVPN doesn’t place band width restrictions on you, you don’t have to worry about striking a data cap or your own connection dropping or stopping anytime.

Using a VPN to get TV streaming

Content not availableSource: Timothy Hansen

A lot of U.S.-based programming is available overseas, though it is sometimes behind a few episodes and sports activities games typically air later following the final score is known. Using a VPN lets you tap into your TV loading services to see current and reside programming of your favorite shows. This really is done by connecting to an Oughout.S. based server through your VPN. This gives you a U.S. IP address. After connecting you can then login your streaming account, including Netflix and AndroidTV to watch your displays. You do need an existing streaming accounts with a U.S. address plus zip code for viewing articles outside of the United States.

This is not a guarantee, however. Many streaming providers, including Disney+ and Netflix, make use of anti-VPN detection tools that identify when your device is using a VPN and will restrict access. Other providers, like Hulu, are IP delicate, which means it can tell if you are linking with a device that isn’t connected to your house network and IP. But for one of the most part, I haven’t had any kind of issues connecting to my streaming providers using a U.S. server providing I already have an established account, using a U.S. address and scoot code connected to my profile plus payment plan. It does help to possess a VPN service in your corner, like ExpressVPN or NordVPN that has a lot of web servers and unique IP addresses. It can more likely you’ll tape into an area that hasn’t been blocked by the loading service. Or you can use a service such as PureVPN that has an option for a devoted IP address. This gives you a few of the protection of a VPN, mainly information encryption, but also an IP which is less likely to be blocked when watching television. However, when you use a dedicated IP, occur to be more likely to be tracked by a few websites and see targeted ads.

vpn while streamingSource: Hulu/ExpressVPN

If you plan to utilize a VPN while streaming TV, guarantee the download speeds will handle this, otherwise you will experience buffering or even low picture quality. While most tv loading services need a minimum speed associated with 3Mbps, it is recommended to have 25Mbps to get high definition quality. If there will be several device connected to and using the VPN service at once, then look for a VPN service with download speeds which are faster than 25Mpbs. In my checks, the fastest services that furthermore support TV streaming are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, and PureVPN. Killer spot Shield also has a decent download rate but has difficulty connecting for some streaming services through its cellular apps. You can watch through a browser, although.

VPN warningSource: Future Plc

No Log Policy

Several VPN providers claim a no-log policy. This implies in addition to shielding your online activity, the organization itself doesn’t keep logs associated with where you go or what you do on the internet while connected to one of their web servers. A lot of these services also keep your individual info well hidden. However, there exists a caveat to this policy. For businesses based in the U.S., a few information is still kept, including consumer logs, for a certain amount of time, generally 30 days. This is because some laws and regulations require user data to be launched to law enforcement during the investigation associated with certain crimes. For internet service companies and VPN services, these generally involved copyright laws and human trafficking issues. Because of this, most U.S i9000. based VPN services can’t possess a true no-log policy. For VPN services located outside of the U.S i9000., these laws don’t affect all of them or their log-keeping policies.

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