Search engines is adding biometric authentication to the Android Autofill service

Google Autofill on AndroidSource: Android Central

What you have to know

  • Google is working on making the Android Autofill service more secure.
  • The company is looking to include biometric checks for password plus payment completion.
  • The function is currently only in testing, therefore it is unknown when it’ll finally create its way to users.

We’ve all been there, you aren’t trying to reply to an important email, however, you can’t remember the password. Because of password managers, however, you no longer need to consider remembering all your login credentials — and according to security experts, could possibly be also safer to use than maintaining your passwords written down within a notebook somewhere. While not as completely featured as something like LastPass or even 1Password, Google also offers a free Autofill service for Android and Stainless- users.

However, unlike all those services who’ve made it their company to protect your passwords, Google’s providing has thus far been far less protected. For example, when using Google Autofill, the prompt to insert saved security password simply appears when you’re trying to sign in to a website or app, with no form of authentication. Dedicated services such as 1Password, on the other hand, ask for biometric tests before logging you in immediately.

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Biometric authentication for Google AutofillSource: XDA Developers

As discovered by Mishaal Rahman at XDA Developers, Google is looking to modify that and is currently testing integrating the particular BiometricPromptAPI with its Autofill service, that will allow you to identify yourself via finger-print, iris or facial scans, such as Face Unlock with the Pixel four. He also included an useful screenshot of the new settings for that feature, which shows you can turn upon biometric authentication for both security password and payment information.

The information comes via an APK breakdown by Rahman, so whilst we know Google is working on this particular in its offices, we don’t have any verification from the company as to whether it really is heading actually release the feature in order to Android users at large or whenever that might be, unfortunately. We’ll just have to await Google to tip its turn in the future.

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