These types of smart lights work with Amazon Alexa

Amazon offers an inexpensive way to start building out a voice-activated home automation system for your home or apartment with its Echo products and Alexa smart voice associate. On its own, you can use Alexa to play songs and find news, sports, and other info. But things get really fascinating when you start to connect Alexa up to clever devices, including connected LED lights, smart hubs, and smart fuses, around your house. We’ve collected a few of our favorite Alexa-enabled smart lights beneath. If you use Alexa to control your clever home, you should consider picking some of these upward.

The home automator’s favorite

Philips Hue White Ambience Bulb

Staff Favorite

Philips Hue is the OG of clever lighting, and they make a wide variety of lights, lamps, and lighting accessories. They need a hub or bridge to work alongside smart assistants like Alexa, yet this is one expansive ecosystem that will also works well with Apple’s Siri/Homekit plus Google Assistant/Nest. They may be a bit more expensive than other smart bulbs, yet there is no denying the quality of the Philips Hue line.

$22 at Amazon

The home ecosystem advantage

Ring Spotlight Cam

Ring was a trustworthy home security brand before Amazon obtained them, and now that they’re officially section of the ecosystem, the devices work with Alexa better than ever. The Ring Spotlight camera lets you keep an eye on your home from anyplace, and shine a light on feasible intruders. You can also speak to guests through Alexa from your Echo devices.

$200 at Amazon

A light that will glow-up

Amazon Echo Glow

The Amazon Echo Glow is another first-party lighting accessory that is designed to work effortlessly with Alexa. Positioned as an online nightlight for children, it can also be an enjoyable lighting accessory for the rec area or the office, inspiring dance celebrations and mood lighting.

$30 on Amazon

Eye spy night vision enhancements


LIFX provides a range of smart bulb selections for interior and outdoor use that are suitable for Alexa. The A19+ version of the smart bulb not only can create as much as 16 million color variants, it also emits infrared light. This function can be particularly useful to help your house security camera’s night vision to higher pick up on movements or intruders within low-light situations.

$62 at Amazon

Basics from an old standby

C by GE Full Color A19 Smart Bulb

Remember GE, among the original American technological titans but still one of the biggest companies in the world? Yeah, earning smart bulbs too, and very good ones at that. These GENERAL ELECTRIC smart bulbs work great along with Alexa, but you’ll need a hub in the likes of SmartThings or other people.

From $30 at Amazon

Gaming guru or video influencer

Nanoleaf Light Panels Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit

Not all lighting options have to be bulbs. These from Nanoleaf are usually Smart LED Light Panels that you could connect to create an entirely custom plus unique lighting solution for your office at home, gaming corner, or wherever you wish to show them off. The Rhythm Version Smarter Kit syncs the blinks of the lights to your music within real-time!

From $300 on Amazon

This lighting’s on a roll

Maxonar LED Strip Lights

Whether you set them upward seasonally as part of your holiday decorating or even leave them up year-round, you can find few smart home projects since fun as strip lighting. These types of from Maxonar work well with Alexa (and Google Assistant) and are easy to set up quickly. Best of all, you can manage up to 16 million different colors!

$30 on Amazon

Drown your home with flood lighting

Sengled Smart LED Floodlight

One of the best uses of smart light is for outdoor spaces, particularly when considering home security. Sengled makes several excellent smart lighting products, but I’m incomplete to these nifty outdoor floodlights along with built-in motion sensors. Note that etc hub or an Echo using a built-in hub.

$30 on Amazon

Get Wyze to these smart bulbs

Wyze Bulb

Wyze is a smart house devices brand that has been gaining grip recently for its excellent smart digital cameras, but they also make some really great lights too. These classic white lights can be set at different colour temperatures, and don’t require a hub to work alongside Alexa.

$40 on Amazon

Recessed is in session

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb, Multicolor

I don’t know about a person, but I like the clean, tucked-away look of recessed lighting. These types of Kasa Smart bulbs from TP-Link work great with Alexa, and may be set to a variety of colors and may put out up to 1,000 lumens of light.

$39 on Amazon

Smarten up with SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings Hub (3rd Gen)

The SmartThings Centre (3rd Gen) is a great starting point in order to connect smart home lighting devices. Manage existing lighting through smart fuses and dimmers, or connect clever bulbs requiring through this centre for Alexa automation.

$67 on Amazon

We like this switch Mo than others

WeMo Light Switch

WeMo provides Wi-Fi-enabled smart switches and shops that you can control via Alexa. The particular WeMo Light Switch can be used to substitute any light switch in your home, allowing you to schedule and control your lamps and appliances without the need for a main hub.

$35 on Amazon

Alexa, light it up!

There are many options for controlling clever lights with Alexa. We’ve damaged things down based on the different manufacturers and ecosystems that are most popular right this moment, and looked at clever bulbs, smart hubs, and smart switches which you can use Alexa to operate. Out of all the options, I actually still think that the best bet regarding fitting your fixtures with Alexa-enabled smarts is the Philips Hue type of products. A great starting point for getting in to the Hue line is the White Ambiance Bulb, yet what’s great about Hue is the fact that there is a wide range of lights and gentle products to choose from that work well with each other and with Alexa.

If the dimmable white bulb is too boring for you, you may want to jazz up your area with Nanoleaf’s awesome light panels, or some light strips from Maxonar. Whichever way you go, know that Alexa has you covered when it comes to operating plus controlling your smart lights!

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